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block ads on youtube

Over the years YouTube became a popular video sharing platform for everyone. Right from start YouTube offering a free platform for sharing videos all over the world. YouTube started displaying Ads on videos which became very annoying day by day. YouTube changed its Ad policies and started showing commercials on every video you play. On the website you can block Ads using Ad blockers but if you are using Official YouTube App. Ads are integrated with videos such that no Android/YouTube Ad Blocker can block Ads on YouTube but we have found a trick that can help you disabling Ads from official YouTube App for Android.


  1. Xposed installer
  2. YouTube AdAway Xposed module

How to Disable Ads on YouTube for Android.

Step 1. Download and Install Xposed Installer App.1

Step 2. Launch Xposed Installer App and Install Xposed framework

  • Open Xposed Installer app and Tap on framework and click install/update
  • After installing the framework and reboot your device.

Note: the Xposed installer will only Install framework for Android Kitkat and below versions and Android devices running on Android Lollipop and marshmallow you can follow below Installation guides.

Step 3. Download YouTube AdAway module and Install.disable ads on official youtube app

Open Xposed Installer app, Tap on modules and enable YouTube AdAway.


Step 4. Reboot the device to activate the YouTube AdAway module.

Done! You have successfully blocked Ads in YouTube App.

Wrapping up.

If you’re not a rooted user you can disable ads by Ad blockers in browsers like Firefox, UC browser but some Exclusive App-only features may not be available in mobile browsers. Thank you for visiting, Subscribe for more Tutorials.

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