Best Emoji Apps For Android Users in 2023

Emojis have become a part of online texting nowadays among smartphone users as they depict the emotions of the sender. There used to be a time where, people used to have only words in their conversations, which isn’t fun. Emojis can be used in a lot of ways and they somewhat comfort the participants of the conversation. Well, Emojis came out back in early 2000, but they weren’t a thing back then. Slowly, people started liking the Emojis and used it in their informal conversations. In, Today’s date, we’ve plenty of Emojis and apps for it, providing a suitable Emoji to describe every expression and emotion. It sounds cool, but the over-saturation in the Emoji market kind of makes it difficult for the user to pick the best one.


Therefore, Today, we’ve come up with this article that will help you in finding the best Emoji app on your Android device. We’ve picked up the following apps based on the features they offer and user-experience. So, without wasting any further time, let’s jump into the list of Best Emoji Apps For Android.

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Best Emoji Apps For Android

1. FaceMoji-> FaceMoji is our go-to app if you would like to have a variety of Emoji options on your keyboard. Users can download it from the Google Play Store, and install it on their devices to get free access to over 3500+ Emojis. Of course, the list of Emojis doesn’t end here itself, there are still a lot more in the Emoji shop, but they come with a price tag. FaceMoji is not just limited to Emojis, you can also use it to find suitable GIFs and will be able to use it in your conversations in just one tap. Go ahead and try it out, it’s absolutely free to download.

2. Gboard-> Gboard is probably one of the best Emoji Apps (if not the best) out there for Android platform. The app is coming from the Android Maker itself, Google. With Gboard, you don’t have to waste time searching for a relevant sticker or Emoji. The keyboard itself will suggest you relevant Emojis based on the conversations, most of the time, the predictions made by the app are pretty accurate. Gboard features a good number of Emoji packages which can be downloaded for free of cost by the user. If you own any Google device, then chances are, the app is preinstalled on your device. Just head over to your Settings and enable it.

3. BitMoji-> If you’re bored of using the Traditional Emoji apps, then BitMoji could be an interesting pick for you. BitMoji is actually very unique compared to other such apps. It enables the user to create their own custom and personalized Avatar, which then will be used by the App to create unique stickers for you. In case, if you’re wondering, Yes, you will be able to create an Avatar that looks just like you! Another best thing about BitMoji is that it can be integrated with other Keyboard apps as well. For example, you can integrate BitMoji with Gboard, and access the BitMoji stickers from the keyboard of Gboard.

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  4. SwiftMoji-> SwiftMoji is another well-known Emoji app that is coming from the same developers who are behind the famous Swiftykey keyboard app. First, of, the UI of the App is actually very clean and minimalistic in nature. It doesn’t blow away the user with an endless number of options and settings. All the Emoji packs and stickers are placed in an organized manner, so you wouldn’t have any trouble in accessing them. Next thing is the Emoji prediction feature, which works quite well for the most part. Sometimes, it could little inaccurate, but that’s not much of a problem. Besides that, everything is well managed by the SwiftMoji app.

5. Textra-> Textra is one of the oldest Emoji apps in the Google Play Store, and it still does the job decently. Well, to clear things, Textra is a multi-use application which works both as a messaging app as well as Emoji app on your Android device. The app offers way more customization features than any other Emoji app in the market. You will be able to change the colors of stickers, theme color, font type, size, etc. Textra also supports Gif images that can be downloaded in a jiffy. Overall, it’s pretty simple and moderately feature-oriented. However, I’d suggest you to try it out as your default messaging app, you’d be amazed by the chatting experience.


So, these were the list of Best Emoji Apps that you can download on your Android device from the Google Play Store. If you know any other Emoji apps that’s worth mentioning, then let us know in the comment section below. Also, don’t forget to tell us your favorite Emoji app and your experience with it in the comments as well.

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