5 Best beat making softwares

If you are a passionate DJ or an aspiring music producer. Then we are sure that you would need one of the best beat making software to produce some next level music.

But the internet is full of different beat making softwares. Hence it becomes a tough decision for many of us to choose the right software to get done with the job.

However, if you are looking for the best beat making software. Well then to help you out, we have handpicked some of the beat making softwares for you. So you can easily choose the right one for yourself. So let’s go ahead and check them out:Best beat making softwares

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5 Best beat making softwares:

FL Studio:

FL Studio is one of the popular beat making softwares that exist on the internet. The application can be installed on your Windows and Mac computer. The software is a perfect solution for people who have a creative mind.

With the help of the tool, you will be able to compose unique beats. In addition to that, the software is free to download. However, the producer version of the application comes with a price tag. But as long as you are starting up, you can continue to use the free version of the application.

Overall, the FL Studio is absolutely an ideal digital audio workstation for creating beats and building music. It has three different editions which include various plugins, sounds, and features.

The software was started as a drum sequencer in the most. But as time has passed, the tool has started adopting more features and now it is a complete music production studio.

Also, the software is easy to use. You can add features or sound by drag and drop and create a unique beat. Also if you get yourself a paid version, then you will get lifetime free updates.


Up next we have the Ordrumbox, this is also one of the most used tools available online. The Ordrumbox application is a unique open source program which you can download free of cost.

In addition to that, the application can be installed on your Windows, Mac as well as on your Linux computer without any issues.

The OrDrumbox features quite a lot of features that help you to create your perfect beat. It comes with features like auto-composition, polyrhythms, unusual arpeggiator, automatic sounds/track matching, custom softsynths, lowfi rendering, and much more.

The tool is a perfect solution for someone who does not want to pay a single penny for a beat making software. Or you are just starting up as a beat producer and do not wish to work on a complicated software.

Furthermore, the Ordrumbox is easy to use. You will not need much knowledge to handle the software. Overall the software is designed to be creative and offers every tool that you would need to create some awesome beats. So make sure you are having a look at it.

MAGIX Music Maker:

The MAGIX Music Maker is also one of the popular yet most used beat making softwares that you can find on the internet. In addition to that, the software is extremely easy to use one and has a beginner-friendly user interface.

You do not have to know about making beats to use this software. Just install the application, and you are all set. However, the application can only be installed on your Windows computer, and yes it supports different windows versions.

Furthermore, the tool also comes with an affordable price tag. This beat making software is a perfect solution for those people who are serious about taking music production seriously. Also, the software has won so many awards in the past.

With the help of the software, you will be able to create music and songs with just a few clicks. It comes with quite a lot of different preset which you can use to create some unique beats and boost up your music career.

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HammerHead Rhythm Station:

At the next, we have the HammerHead Rhythm Station. This beat making software is a highly professional tool as well as it is beginner friendly.

It is another robust software which allows you to create fantastic music and beats with ease. Furthermore, the software can be downloaded free of cost. However, the only con about the software is that it is only compatible with a windows computer.

Furthermore, the software also comes with an easy to understand user interface and has some cool features. There are plenty of built-tunes are available on the software which helps you to create top in class beats.

Also, it is entirely easy to use. You can easily drag and drop different setting and make music. Also, you can save your work in various file formats.

Garageband :

In the end, we have the Garageband. This software is one of the popular yet the top beat making softwares available for Mac computer. The software is available for Mac users only, and you can download the software free of cost. However, for some features, you may have to pay.

The software comes with many sample instruments that include guitar tunes, piano tunes and so on. Using this music samples, you will also be able to create beats easily.

Even the best thing about the software is that it lets you learn to play musical instruments as well. There are different musical instruments courses are available on the software. This includes guitar, keyboard, and piano lessons.

Also using the software is super is super easy. You can drag and drop music samples and use the tools to make changes and creates beats on the go. The software has a simple to use interface which is also a great thing about Garageband. So make sure you are having a good look at this software as well.

Anway, those were the best beat making softwares. Now go ahead and try these tools out and see which one is working the best for you. Also for any questions, you can feel free to leave a comment below.


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