How to Block Ads on Youtube For Android without Xposed Module(AdAway)

YouTube is the biggest video sharing blog (vlog). When youtube started, it was the free Platform without ads for everyone but over the Years, Youtube changed its Polices and started monetizing Ads on videos. Youtube categorized Ads into two types one is skippable Ads and unskippable ads. Skippable ads can be skipped after 5 sec, and unskippable ads can’t be skipped and last more than 20 sec. Youtube Ads became lengthy and disgusting in Youtube app. All traditions Ad blockers is no more available to block ads on youtube and the only way to Block Ads on youtube for android is by installing Adway.

how to block ads on youtube
Adway is a Xposed module to block ads on youtube, and it only works with Xposed framework installed. Xposed can’t installed in some mobiles as you can’t flash custom recovery because of locked bootloaders. I have faced the same issue and tried modifying youtube Apk, But it didn’t go much as Excepted. So, I have been searching for answers in some forums found a developer Arter97 who has found a solution for Disable ads on youtube.

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The Developer Arter97 tweaked official youtube android app to block ads on youtube. The installation process is not as the regular process. You need to uninstall official Youtube app and install modded apk using root browsers

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Requirements to block ads on youtube:

  1. Rooted Android phone
  2. DPI checker
  3. Youtube apk by Arter97
  4. Root Browser

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Block Ads in Android’s YouTube App Without Using Xposed Framework

#Step 1. First of all, you need to know your device DPI and processor type. To know that Install DPI Checker and Device control to know Processor to block youtube ads


#Step 2. Download Youtube Apk File according to your DPI and processor.


click on the above links and download the modded youtube apk based on the DPI.


#Step 3. Uninstall old youtube App using system App remover or Titanium Backup App or else you can’t install modded app because of different app signatures.

#Step 4. Next, you need to create Youtube folder in the system partition. Now open any Root file browser and Head to System > App and create a new folder and name it as “YouTube.”


#Step 5. After that long press on the folder and click on properties > permissions then Set the Owner category to read, write and Execute then Set Group and other and read and execute same as in the below screenshot.pjimage-13


#Step 6. Now Copy the Modded Youtube to system App > YouTube (youtube folder which you created)  and Reboot your device.

#Step 7. Modded Youtube App will Get Installed automatically  on your Device after Reboot. If you have backup of youtube then you can restore it and use youtube normally without youtube Ads

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Enjoy Ad-free YouTube

Note. Since Youtube app update will not be available directly from play store. you need to wait until the developer releases the update.

Wrapping Up

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