{Latest}How to Download Videos from Hotstar App (PC & Mobile)

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Hotstar is one of the best Android App for online streaming of favorite Tv shows online right on your mobile phone. Star India launched Hotstar to Streaming of Cricket videos in January 2015 and extended it support for more than Tv show and serials streaming. However, Hotstar doesn’t allow for downloading Videos and content. So we will demonstrate how to download videos from the Hotstar App.

Hotstar has become one of the best streaming apps for Android. It became the handy app for everyone to stream Tv serials, Movies, movies Sports to watch in different Indian languages. It also got some new movies to stream on but it is only for the premium subscribers. You need not go to free online Hindi movies sites for Watching your favorite shows whenever you want using Hotstar has become easy but you need to working internet connection to watch them online. Sometimes you need not possess fast internet connection so you may be willing to watch it offline then the only option is to download Hotstar videos. So, By following below tutorial you can know how to download Hotstar videos and watch it offline.

Hotstar videos download

Methods to download videos from Hotstar on Mobile and laptop computer

we have found two methods for downloading videos from the Hotstar App. These methods are old methods but still effective which help you to download videos from the Hotstar. Also; try Tubemate

How to download Hotstar videos using Hotstar App

This method is an official and legal way of downloading videos from Hotstar. Here in this approach, we are not going to download it. Just making it available for watching it offline like youtube offline. Download option is available only for some Tv shows. So you can try this method if you don’t want to use any other Softwares.

Step 1. Download Latest version of Hotstar and Install it (Download option is only available for the latest version.)

Step 2. Open the Video you want to download and check if the download option is available or not below to video.

Step 3. If download option is available, then click on the download icon and select the Quality of the video. If download option is not available then try other methods mentioned in this post

Step 4. Now you successfully downloaded the Hotstar video on your Mobile.

Download option will be only available for some videos. So you can only use this method if you want to download some old videos.

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We have removed other methods of downloading Hotstar videos in PC and Hotstar videos download without software has been removed on the notice of Hotstar App that allows you to download the Hotstar videos in your PC computer.

That’s it for this tutorial, and These are the possible ways to download video from Hotstar. if the above method doesn’t work you can use screen recording technique to watch video offline.


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  1. Thanks for sharing this Post. I like Hotstar a lot. I travel around 3 hrs every day from my house to office and vice versa, and Hotstar comes to my rescue every time. I watch my favorite shows on Hotstar. Thanks for this post. Now i can download these videos and watch without any hindrance

  2. Thanks for sharing such an excellent post. I love watching cricket, but I don’t get much time nowadays, but with Hotstar I can watch cricket quickly while traveling and in my office break that too on my cell phone. Hotstar is an amazing app.

    1. Hi Megha,
      Kindly check whether you’re using supported video player or not. Try downloading videos in other formats and check if it works.

  3. Stella Williams

    Thanks for sharing such a valuable info I really like your post. I will use this app download for my new mobile.Thank you so much.

  4. Shabir Hussain

    Thank you very much, sir, for showing us how to download videos via Hotstar.
    Thank you once again for sharing the post with us

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