How To Change the Icons Name On Android Homescreen

Android has a lot of customization options that are limited to Rooted users only but coming to non-rooted users there are a limited number of customization and tweaks. Changing the names of the icons on the android home screen is one of the limited customization options. Whenever you install an Android App, By default a shortcut is created on the home screen with a default name which android doesn’t allow you to change but by using an App called quick shortcut maker you can change the names of the icons on an Android home screen.

Quick shortcut maker helps you to change icons’ names without any hustle. follow this step by step tutorial and change icons names on your android home screen.

How to Rename your Android Home Screen Icons

Step 1. Download the Quick shortcut maker app and Install it on your Android device.

Step 2. Launch the Quick shortcut maker App and scroll down the list and find the app you want to renameChange the Icons Name


Step 3. Tap on the App and App information will be displayed.


Step 4. Now click on Tap to Change Label. Enter your desired name in the dialog box and click OK.

Change the Icons


Step 5. Create a new App shortcut with a changed name by tapping  CREATE.


  • you are done new shortcut will be created on your home screen with the new name.


Wrap up

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