13 Ways To Make Money Online From Home Without Investment

Best Ways to Make Money Online: Want to Earn money online?? Have you Ever searched for ” how to make money online” or “make money from home”?? and landed on websites which are of no worth and forcing you to Signup and Invest money to learn Quick money making tips??

If yes, In that case, you are not the one that is earning. The one who is selling is making money from you.

Do you think making money online is that easy???. No, you’re wrong. Making money online isn’t that easy. You don’t require any extra talents just you need to be passionate.

make money online

Confused!!! people assume that making money online is easiest and believes that they can earn money overnight. If you’re one of them then you’re in the wrong place.

Only some legitimate ways can help you in earning money that can fill your pocket for a weekend party or for buying a gift for your girlfriend and It depends on the method you choose to work. If you have technical skills and time then some methods have extremely high Payouts.

So, choose the Right method only if you can work with some dedication and Invest Time (not money :)).

Great Right?? Yes, let’s start with some exciting ways to make money online from home.

13 ways to make money online from home

#1.Earn money  from Survey Sites

Survey sites are the best way to make money online by sitting at home. You will get paid for completing small surveys which will take around 5 minutes. Survey sites will pay you a good amount if you share legitimate opinions and feedback.

You can get up to 1$-20$ depending upon the length of the survey.

List of some legitimate survey  sites

  • Swag Bucks
  • Ipoll
  • Onepoll
  • Valued opinions
  • Pincone Research

#2. Earn money from Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is Best scope for making money online. If you are keen about making money, then you can start affiliate marketing 

What is affiliate marketing??

Affiliate marketing means promoting products on your website. If people buy products on your recommendation, then you will receive the commission based on the product category. It may differ from 1%-20% commission. By affiliate marketing, you can earn 1$-1000$, but it depends on affiliate marketing company and product commission.

SignUp for the Affiliate Site and Generate the affiliate link of the product and Promote it and the commission Gets credited to your account whey the buyer buys a product from your affiliate LINK.

Amazon Affiliate, ClickBank, Cj Affiliate, Ebay are the some of the Best Affiliate marketing sites.

#3.Freelance writing

Freelance Writing is the another best way to make money online. Freelance Writer can Earn Up to 100$ a week .

Many Companys are hiring Freelance Writers for their Websites. You need to Write Articles for those websites. Payouts depend on the length of the content. 5$ is the Average pay for the 500 words article. pay will increase if you write articles with more words.

List of Freelance Writing Websites

  • Freelance Writing
  • Up work
  • Content mart
  • CraigsList

#4. Earn Money using Google Adsense

Google Adsense is the Ad network which pays you a commission for displaying Ads on the website or a blog. Convert your website views into money.

There are two ways to earn money from Adsense

1# By selling Adsense accounts (fastest)

2# By Displaying Ads on website

You can earn good amount of money from the Adsense in the long term, and short term has well.

#5. Make money from Youtube

Youtube is the great source for making money online. You might have seen youtube videos displaying Ads while watching that is how you are going to make money online.

Start a youtube channel and Upload a video to your channel. Monetize your video with Ads and Get video

Conversation rate of youtube depends on the viewers Region. Average conversation rates are 1$ for 1000 views. Earn up to 100$ for 100K views on youtube.

#6. Earn From Fiverr

Fiverr is the Biggest online platform for the Freelancer to Earn Money online all over the world. It offers the largest number of freelance works. All you do is to make a gig and posted it on Fiverr.

You can earn $5 to 100$ from one gig. If you post a Gig for $5 that work should only have 15-20 minutes work.

How much money you can Earn from Fiverr?

If 15 GIGs orders daily. 20 × 5 = 100$

Time spent for the completing GIGs 20 min × 20 gigs = 400 min(approx 7 hours)

You can easily earn $100 daily only working for 7 hours or Create a gig that worth $100-200 which completes in a day

#7. Create a Youtube a channel

Youtube is the another method to make money. It Introduced Youtube Partner program that allows you to earn from the each view you are getting.

Choose a Topic/niche that you want to work that maybe cooking videos, games walkthrough, Gadget Reviews any kind of topic and Start Making Videos, Upload that videos and monetize the videos with Adsense Ads.

Create a Youtube channel, Upload a video and start earning. It’s easy Right??

Another Awesome thing Viral Videos get more views and become a great earning source.

#8. Website Selling.

Website selling/flipping, not easy work?? Confused!!

Yes, it’s not easy work when considered to above works, but outcomes are very high.

Create a website on Topic which you are fluent at, Start writing content for the website and Build traffic from the major search engine like Google, Bing for 2-3 months.

If you are getting Good traffic from the search engine then you can sell it 2000$-3000$ from a single website. Use website sites like Flippa to sell your websites.

#9. Domain Flipping.

Domain Flipping is the another source to make money online from home. Here no need of hard work all you need is think smart

Domain flipping means selling domains

Let me explain what it is and how it is done

Register a domain from the popular website like Bluehost which costs you less 10$. Keep Auction for the domain name on the websites like Flippa.com and Godaddy.com.

Ex. I bought a domain couponrandi.com for 10$ and kept it for auction. Domain final auction is $495.


  • Try to find a domain name with one or two words with no symbols.
  • Think creative and make a five letter word like howdy.com which you can sell for $2,00o+ and three letter domain sold for $30,000+
  • One word domain name has very high demand like about.com, media.net

If you creative enough to find domain names from above points then I assure you could earn huge amount of money without any work.

#10. Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant mean personal Assistant is the one who is working online for money.

You can become VA for any online work you can do like maintaining a website, Writing, and Publishing content, Seo, Website development, assistants, coding projects, Video editing Etc.

Goto upwork.com, freelancer.com to find the One who is looking for assistants online.

#11. Earn from “GET PAID TO” Sites

GPT sites are the easiest way to make money online from completing simple Tasks, Completing small surveys, watching Videos, downloading apps etc.

you can Earn money from few clicks in your free time. you can choose websites like Cashbuck.com and clixsense.com

#12. Earn from “PAID TO CLICK” Sites

PTC sites are the websites which pay you for clicking Advertisements (Ads) and visiting websites.you will get paid whenever you visit a site and stay there for about 30 secs.

PTC sites less amount but it can easily fill up your pockets for your weekend. Register on PTC sites and visit daily to complete tasks which are updated daily.  you can earn without any investment.

#13. Make Money from Bitcoins

Bitcoins is the form of Digital currency and they are transacted online. Bitcoins are the new way of transacting online. There are many ways to earn bitcoins like accepting online payments as bitcoins, Mining bitcoins etc..

1 Bitcoin= 617 dollars in the month of September 2016. Bitcoin’s Value changes same as the stock market it may decrease or increase in upcoming times. You can earn up to 20% interest on yearly investment on bitcoins.


Thank you for visiting, we will update more ways on how to make money online. Subscribe and stay tuned for Updates on Blog.

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