Mass Unfollow Users on Instagram on Android and iPhone

Here comes complication when your account is full of people with whom you are not interested right now and want to get off them. But the question is how? Simple unfollow them. Ya, I know it’s not that easy you have to select every person and then unfollow them separately it takes so much which leads to irritation. And it’s best if we don’t imagine the situation where you want this thing to happen as soon as possible. What if I say there is a way for you to get out of such situations? Yes now here it is How to Mass Unfollow Users on Instagram on Android and iPhone.

mass unfollow instagram

Mass Unfollow Users on  Instagram on Android and iPhone


Here comes an app from the family of play store which is called Insta clean. This helps to unfollow mass people from your account. It’s a bit different for Android and iPhone.

Mass Unfollow users on Instagram on iPhone/Ipad

  • Get into the App store and download the insta clean app make sure you have sufficient space before downloading it.
  • Once you are done with the downloading part. Now get into Instagram from this app by using the option called Login with Instagram.


  • Now it’s time to start the actual task after hitting login.Now,  you will get a list of all people whom you are following.
  • Here you can make multiple selections. When you are done with the selection, you will get a tick icon on the right top corner. Where you find the option like unfollowing etc..

  • Before getting it done the app will be asking for your confirmation to proceed with the procedure. Just click on continue to mass unfollow users on Instagram


  • After the completion of the task, the app will present you the list which consists of the people which you are following.
  • And the best part of this app is, This App is free for as long as you use any of the options in this app for 50 times.
  • After the Completion of chances, you need to pay a one-time payment of 2.99$ if you want to continue using it.

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Mass Unfollow users on Instagram on Android:

  • Here for the people who are using Android phones. There are slight changes in App UI for Android Users which you can see while using the app.
  • In play store, you can download this insta clean app.
  • Open the App and enter your Instagram credentials and click sign in.


  • You will find a list of people whom you are following on Instagram.

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  • You can select them all at once, or you leave some people.
  • Now by clicking the Tick icon on top right corner on the screen, you will see few options which include the unfollowing option.


  • After selecting unfollow option, you will be getting a confirmation question to let you know that this cant is redone. Just click continue.
  • After unfollowing the people, you will see a list of people whom you are still following.


  • The best thing about using this app in android is that there are no limitations, unlike iPhone. It is free for the extensive action. It’s free for Lifetime.

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Wrap UP to Mass unfollow users on Instagram

Here we are ending this tutorial on how to Mass unfollow users on Instagram on Android and iPhone/Ipad. This method will come handy for the people who are following Mass number users and filled their Newsfeed. If you any questions to ask, feel free to comment below. We will revert as soon as possible

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