When we tend to see videos on android we come across few problems like cant able to hear the sound or any other problems. But if we have MX more play there will be no such problems. Using this player any type of videos can be enjoyed on android without any fault and interruptions. So many people use this player but do you know the extra and the most interesting aspects of MX player. Here are the most interesting 5 Amazing Tricks of MX Player which revealed in 2018

Mx Player Tricks


5 Amazing Tricks of MX Player which revealed in 2018

Youtube videos:

I bet so many don’t know about this that we can even see youtube videos using MX player. If you wanna see you have to do one simple thing. You need to copy the URL link of the video and copy the link in the player and convert it to mp4. You can get the link when you select the share button.

 Hiding files:

Sometimes we tend to keep few files to our selves only we don’t want anyone to see without our permission but sometimes it happens without any one’s intentions. But if you hide these files you don’t have to worry about someone watching your videos. You can hide files by selecting the app/file for longer and can get an option like hiding then you can hide it. If anytime you want them to unhide you just need to go into the settings and unhide the respective file/app.

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Sometimes we like some videos by knowing the concept but won’t understand the dialogues because of a different language. Here come subtitles handy. But what if the videos don’t have subtitles don’t worry there is an option in MX player where you can get subtitles for videos. If there are no subtitles given for the video you can get them online also.


By getting into the player from the app setting you can unlock the settings. These settings help you to watch videos more perfectly like by zooming them to a particular angle to have a clear vision. And we can even set the brightness, lock the screen while watching videos, sound settings and all.

Music player:

By using Mx player not only videos you can even listen to audio also. Sometimes we like few songs but want to only listen to the music, not the video. It’s very easy to resume the video and press the play option for a bit long like for 10 sec then you can be able to listen to the only audio. You can minimize or switch off the light mostly we can use this option when we are running out of battery.

These are few tricks by using these you can get used to the MX player better than before. This helps you to see the videos more clearly and you can get the information more perfectly from the video.


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