How to remove Prisma logo Watermark from Prisma images (Android/iOS)

hey guys, Today  I am here to show Small Tweak to remove the Prisma logo watermark from Prisma images in android and iOS mobiles. Prisma App transforms your photos into artworks. you don’t require any Photoshop skills to edit your favorite pictures into Artwork, Let Prisma  App do it for you. Prisma App helps you to convert your memorable moments into famous Artwork. Prisma App became viral in one shot and Started trending in Android and iOS platforms. Prisma App doesn’t work offline. It requires a working internet connection. it sends the photos to Prisma servers and pictures are edited and sent back by the servers

Prisma App converts your photos into artworks but while transforms photos into artworks it creates the Prisma logo Watermark on the Right bottom of the photo. For Removing the Prisma logo watermark you don’t need any third-party Apps or any Moded apk of Prisma. If don’t want to see the logo on photos just follow these simple steps and disable the Prisma logo watermark on your editings.

How to remove Prisma logo Watermark from Prisma Images.

  1. Open the PRISMA App and Click the settings icon.
  2. uncheck the Add watermark setting ( Refer below screenshots for a better idea)
  3. press the back button and start editing your picturepjimage (1)
  4. From  now you will not see Prisma logo watermark on your photos


                      BEFORE                                                     AFTER            pjimage

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