How to Root Android without computer/PC is the first question comes to our mind when we think of rooting Android a phone. Everyone will not possess a computer to Root Android using ADB and sp flash tool. Rooting a smartphone using a computer is also difficult. So, many of you are afraid to Root Android device. If you are looking to Root Android without a computer, then your are at the right place. We will be showing Nine Apps to Root Android device without computer/PC. These are nine simplest ways for rooting a device. We will also discuss what is Root, Advantages, Disadvantages in detail.

How to root android


What is Rooting(Android)?

Android phone doesn’t give full access to you, It only provides access to limited options. IF you want administrative privileges, you need to have root access(same as root in Linux system). Rooting an Android smartphone means removing the limitations that are kept by smartphone companies and network carriers. Android Rooting gives privilege control to the user by enabling access to customize an Android device.

Advantages of Roothr />

Have a look at this  Advantages before you start Rooting process

  • The first benefit of Rooting is you can remove useless bloatware(system apps) from the device
  • Get full control over the system and applications. I.e optimize the system performance by overclocking and underclocking the CPU and GPU.
  • Ability to Customize status bar icons, remap hardware buttons, Manage App permissions, Enable Multitasking by installing the Xposed framework.
  • You can Flash/Install custom firmware (Custom ROMS and Custom recoveries) to change the UI(user interface) of a device.
  • Perform full Nandroid backups which include App+data, contacts, call logs, messages.
  • Install custom kernels to optimize and improve system performance

These are just a small list of advantages.


Disadvantages of Rooting


Rooting also possesses some disadvantages which you need to consider before Rooting your device.

  • Rooting Voids warranty: If root your device during warranty period then you can’t claim your warranty of the device
  • The risk of Bricking: Android rooting is the riskiest thing. If you make single mistake while Rooting it will result in bricking of Android device
  • No Software Update: Android Rooting not only voids the warranty but also you will not receive OTA(software) updates.
  • The threat to Security: If you install malware apps they can quickly spread the virus and takes over your privacy data. This is not a disadvantage to Techies, but Noobs should take care while installing unknown apps.

>If you are not having the problem with this disadvantages then you’re Good to Go or else you can root your Bluestacks easily


Things to remember before Rooting Android

  • Maintain Battery charge over 50%: Start Rooting only if your battery charge more than 50%
  • Take a Backup: Backup your contacts, messages, call logs.


Benefits of Rooting Android without Computer/PC

  • Fewer chances of bricking: Root Android device without risk of hard bricking.
  • No data loss: you can root your device without any risk of  data loss
  • Easy method: This method is the easy and safest
  • Check Out : Must Have Apps for Every Rooted  Android Device


    Methods to Root Android device without Computer/PC

    ere we go, Download the APK files and Install it. Follow every step carefully and root your device.

    1. Frama

    1. FramaRoot- “Best App to Root Android without computer”

    ot is one of Best app for Rooting Android Device without computer/PC. This app can root most of Android Device with one click with different Exploits for Different versions of Android including Marshmallow and Nougat. Framaroot Exploits supports almost all the MTK android Devices.24129118103_34640a06c7_o

    Steps to

    Steps to use Framaroot

    wnload Framaroot apk from the link and Install it

    FramaRoot Apk

    • Open framaroot App and Select Super su
    • Now, you will see all the Exploits available for your device. In case, if it does not show any exploits then try below Rooting methods
    • Click on Exploit options and wait until it installs SU
    • If it fails to root, Try another Exploit for Rooting Android.

    2. Kingo

    2. Kingo Root

    ot is another App you can try for Rooting Your Android without pc. Kingoroot is the  Best for rooting any Android with one click. You can use to app for rooting without any Risk of bricking your Device. It almost works with all the Android Device.

    Steps to

    Steps to use kingo Root

    st Download Kingo Root from Below Link

    KingoRoot Apk

    • Install and open Kingo Root App
    • Now, Press on “One-click Root” main Screen
    • Let the Kingo Root App Complete rooting of your Android, it make take few minutes to Display results
    • if it fails to root, then try few more times

    3. Using

    3. Using Z4Root APP

    ables you to Root wide range of Android Devices. This app also provides temporary Root access which will be only available for one reboot. It is also the one of the most Oldest Rooting Apps.  you can Try this app for want temporary root access and Test Root apps.

    Steps to u

    Steps to use Z4Root

    load Z4Root Apk from below link

    Z4Root Apk

    • Install it and open the Z4Root App
    • Now, Click on Root Button
    • Wait for few seconds to complete root by Z4Root

    If Z4Root Fails to Root Your Device then try below Ways to root your Android device without Computer.


    4.IRoot-Root Software for Rooting Android

    eveloped by XINYI network which as also Developed the Popular “Vroot” for rooting Android. This App is a Chinese app which used to be only available in Chinese but Now, Many Mods released in English Version. IRoot is the one of the most Popular and prominent app in improving Support for Newer models. You can use Iroot app for Newer Models and Latest Android version for Rooting your Android.

    Steps to R

    Steps to Root using IRoot.

    load and Install IRoot Apk from Below link.

    Iroot Apk

    • Open Iroot App and Click “I Agree’
    • Tap Root Button in the App
    • IRoot will start Rooting Process and Will be completed in couple of Minutes

    In case if rooting fails, Iroot is available from Computer with more advanced Rooting Techniques.

    5. Univers

    5. Universal AndRoot App- Android root Software

    ery popular in all tech forums for rooting Android Device without Computer. It has ability to Root any Android Device which other Root Apps Failed to do. Universal AndRoot App is one Best coded App for using different exploits for different Android Version. your Can Root Android without any Risk of Bricking or Damaging your Device

    Steps to R

    Steps to Root using Universal AndRoot App.

    load universal Androot App from Below link

    Universal AndRoot Apk

    • Install and Open the App
    • Select your Android Version
    • Click Root Button to begin root process

    6.Baidu Ro

    6.Baidu Root

    is another App you need to try for Rooting your Device if the above method Failed to Root your Android.  It is also one click Root App with simple User Interface. Download Baidu From Below Link and install it then click on root button

    Baidu Root

    7.  Towel R

    7.  Towel Root- Download Software for Root Android.

    is developed by Geohat for rooting android without Pc. It is well known for Rooting Samsung Devices but you can try rooting other Devices.  Towel root comes with simple UI with one click root. Download Towel root from here.

    Towel Root

    8. CF Auto roo

    8. CF Auto root

    test Released by the Top Root Apps Developer Chainfire. It is another source for Rooting Samsung Devices without using Odin. Download CF Auto Root App and Install it.

    Cf Auto Root

    9. Easy Rootin

    9. Easy Rooting Toolkit App

    e oldest and working app to root android without PC. Download Easy Rooting Toolkit app and Get more information about this App on Xda thread from here.

    Easy Rooting Toolkit

    How to Verify

    How to Verify whether Phone is Rooted or not??

    may get confused whether your phone is rooted successfully or not. Some Apps show “Successfully Rooted” but due to some firmware errors Root apps fails to Install proper root access in your device. So, you need to check whether you have rooted properly or not.

    • Download Android Root Checker From here.
    • Install and open the App
    • Click on Verify root and it displays whether your mobile is rooted or not.

    Wrapping Up.Wrapping Up.

    e the Best Apps that you can try to root Android mobile without Computer/pc. The success rate of this Apps is 90% in rooting Android phones but In case, If this Apps failed to root your android device then MTK users can Try SP flash tool to Root and Samsung users use Odin method to root android phones.




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