How To Root Bluestacks Latest Version(2 working methods)

Bluestacks is an android emulator that is used for Android Apps on PC. It acts as a virtual machine between Android and Windows and helps you to run Android Apps on a PC. Bluestacks has been working flawlessly over the years, and It used to allow download pre-rooted Bluestacks directly. In December, the Latest version of Bluestacks released as Bluestacks 2. Bluestacks 2 came with a better GUI which is easy to use for newbies and Geeks. It also has better performance than Bluestacks and working without any lags. Here you go through the trick to root Bluestacks 2 using Kingroot and use rooted Bluestacks 2 in your computer


Rooted Bluesacks works the same as the Rooted Android Device which allows exploring Android without any restrictions. In previous versions, You can download the rooted Bluestacks directly and use them but after the latest update, Bluestacks 2 no longer Supports Pre-root, and you need to root it manually. After all, you need to root your Bluestacks with hassle

Rooting Bluestacks 2 Manually is the same as Android but all methods are not working, and we have tried many methods to root Bluestacks and found the simplest way for rooting Bluestacks. We have tried many One-click Root apps, But none of them seem to Work with Bluestacks. After doing some research, we found a method to root Bluestacks 2 using KingRoot App.

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Method 1- Steps To Root Bluestacks 2 Emulator Using KingRoot.

In this method, We use KingRoot App for Rooting Bluestacks. This So is the Quite simple and fastest way to root Bluestacks. Follow the below steps correctly and root your Bluestacks2 App player.

  1.  Download and Install the Bluestacks2 App player on your PC.
  2.  Download KingRoot Apk file on your PC
  3. Now Right Click on the Apk file and Click Open with Bluestacks (if you are doing this for the first time, it will take some time to install in Bluestacks App Player)
  4. After completion of the installation, Open Bluestacks App player and Click on Android Tab to see the Apps Installed on the Bluestacks App player
  5. Click on KingRoot App to Open and On the Main Screen Tap on the Android Logo to Initialize the Rooting Procedure.Root Bluestacks 2
  6. It will take some time to Root Bluestacks 2 and Complete Rooting Procedure.
  7.  Root Successfully popup will show after Completion of Rooting procedure
  8. Now Download and Install Root Checker App and open it using Bluestacks and Click Verify root.

Method 2 – Steps Root Bluestacks 2 Latest Version using BS helper tool

Some of the users are facing problems while Rooting Bluestacks using the KingRoot. so we came with another easy method to help you in Bluestacks rooting using the BS helper tool.

  • Download BS Helper tool compressed zip and unzip the file
  • Double click on BS helper .exe file to Run
  • A small dialog box will be displayed on the screen as shown in below fig

BS helper tool

  • Click on the “Patch superuser X” to start rooting Process
  • Wait till the success message Appear with Superuser X apk installed on Bluestacks2 and Close BS helper App
  • Open Bluestacks and Check Root Status using Root checker App
  • Now you can enjoy all the benefits of rooting and install the best root Apps

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You have Successfully Rooted Bluestacks 2 App player.  Now you can gain Root access to Root Apps in Bluestacks.

That’s it about rooting Bluestacks. Hope you liked this tutorial on how to root Bluestacks 2. Thank you for visiting. Keep visiting for more tutorials like this and don’t forget to share this with your friends. Thank you.


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