Are you looking for a way to upload original video files from YouTube to Google Drive? Many of us are YouTube videos fanatic, but downloading all of them on the handset would require a lot of memory space, thus slowing down the speed of your mobile. The better approach is to save your videos on Google Drive cloud to free up space on your Android device.  Moreover, many of us are now driving forward to more streaming and less downloading era with the help of cloud platforms such as Google Drive, DropBox, etc. Google Drive offers a lot of features, and the best one is to save web pages, YouTube videos, or even software files on its cloud. Let’s check out how to save youtube videos to google drive

save youtube videos to google drive


How to Save YouTube videos to Google Drive

So, here is the tutorial demonstrating stepwise, the method of saving YouTube videos to Google Drive: 

Alternatively, if you want to download videos from YouTube to any of your device you can use youtube downloader

Step 1:

Get straight into Chrome Web Store. In the search box, type Save to Google Drive extension. Click on the first extension offered by Google Drive team or follow this link. Click on the blue button showing Add to Chrome and click Add Extension. A file will be downloaded, and you will see a message displaying on the URL bar, Added successfully and you would see the Drive logo on the top right side of the browser window.

Step 2:

Now open your Google drive account and make a folder named as YouTube Downloads or any relevant name of your choice.

Step 3:

Right Click on the extension and then Click on Options. A new tab would be opened. Now, click on the button with the label “Change destination folder.”

Save youtube videos to google drive

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Step 4:

Once you click on the button, you would be redirected to your Google Drive account. You would see an option for the YouTube Downloads folder you made previously. Click on the option and Select it.

youtube downloads

Step 5:

In the next step, drive directly to the official website of YouTube and open your favorite video you want to save on Google Drive. Copy the link of the video from the address bar.

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Step 6:

The next step involves the generation of a download link; users will click on this link to download the video directly. You can visit a website like or use an application such as KeepVid to generate a download link. You can use any service relevant to you or you find easier to use.

Just paste the address of the YouTube video you copied on the text field and click Download. You would see download links of different video qualities. Right click on the link showing your preferred class and then click Save to Google Drive option indicated on the menu.

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Step 7:

Finally, your download will begin. It will take some time depending upon the size of video and your Internet speed. For faster downloads, you can use broadband or Wi-Fi.

Wrap UP of How to save youtube videos to google drive>Now have some rest because Google has to process the video. That’s all. Ahead to your YouTube video folder in your Google drive account and enjoy watching it online, or you can even share the link with the world. Hope you liked how to save youtube videos to google drive.


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