How To Setup your VoiceMail On Android

Nowadays almost every Telecom service provider have the voicemail facility enabled for their users. Smartphone users can make use of this feature for sending voicemails to their friends or family members. However, a lot of people are unaware of this feature and unable to find a way to set up this feature on their Android device. Well, it’s not that hard to set up voicemail on Android, you just have to go through your settings and make a few tweaks there.

Setup VoiceMail On Android

Today, in this article, we’ll be showing how you can set up voicemail on your Android device in a just few steps without needing to install any additional app. Go ahead and follow up the below-mentioned guide in order to activate the Voicemail service on your Android device. The process can be performed on any Android device without any issue as long as you have a valid carrier.

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How To Setup VoiceMail On Android

VoiceMail service, in general, would not be preconfigured, you have to enable it manually by going into your device’s settings. Go through all the following steps in order to set up the voicemail service on your Android.

  1. Open up your Device Settings-> Navigate to “Call Settings” and select your carrier to proceed further.
  2. ¬†Choose your Carrier and head over to “Additional Settings”, scroll down to find the option “VoiceMail”.
  3. Upon opening the voicemail settings, you will be asked to enter your operator and voicemail number.
  4. Enter your Telecom Operator and your mobile number in place of voicemail number, Tap on OK.
  5. After successful completion, you will receive a pop up saying “Voicemail number changed”.

Only after receiving the pop-up messaging, you will be able to use the voicemail service on your Android device. Make sure you’ve turned on the Airplane or Flight mode on your device, otherwise, you won’t be able to set up the voicemail service on your device.

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How To Use VoiceMail Service On Android

It’s quite easy to use the voicemail service once all the setup is completed. However, Telecom operators may have the voicemail service disabled on certain numbers. In that case, you’ll have to coordinate with any customer support and get it sorted out to be able to use the Voicemail feature on your Android device.

In order to use the VoiceMail service, Open up your device’s default dialer App, Hold the “1” Key for a few seconds. Your device will immediately dial the voicemail service, select your operator and listen to the instructions provided by the operator. The steps hereafter will be different for every operator, so listen to your Operator’s instruction and perform them accordingly to get started.


We hope by now you’ve learned how to enable or setup Voicemail on Android using our aforementioned guide. At last, you just have to enter a PIN or Password whenever prompted in order to use the service. That’s it, in case, if you’ve any queries or stuck somewhere during the process, then feel free to let us know in the comment section.

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